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A swastika and an insult tagged in the Damijan Podversic vineyard

Someone tagged a swastika and an insult in the beautiful Damijan Podversic vines of malvasia. It was yesterday morning on an old Slovenian gravestone. Engraved with an extract from a popular song: "I will buy a hill, I will plant a vineyard, and I will invite my friends to drink."

Damijan did the same : he invited the offender for a drink ! In order to explain himself and to clear his tag. Damijan won't sue him before a year. This is the great Italian spirit...

In this region between Italy and Slovenia, they live on the border. In Tronches Vin 2, we told the story of the family Stekar, Slovenia, and Radikon family, Italy. The area around Gorizia represents the whole history of the twentieth century in a few square kilometers. It is also an ode to tolerance on both sides of the former Iron Curtain. So what happens to Damijan affects us all. All information in Italian is here.

 The best answer is to open a Damijan malvasia bottle. I remember for example a dinner at RAP, the last before the Alessandra Pierini restaurant closure. It was a sensational bottle. Today, you can find wines from Damijan Podversic at RAP (new address in Rue Fléchier, Paris) as well at La Cave des Papilles, rue Daguerre, Paris, an official dealer of amazing bottles.

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