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Eating a wonderful humus in Sderot, in front of Gaza

Sderot in my mind... That was it. A rocket graveyard. A town of 30,000 inhabitants on the border with Gaza. The first target of rocket fires from the nearby strip. Don't minimize the aftermath (deaths, injuries, consequences on the daily ...).

Gaza, which is seen in the distance on the next picture, is living a tragedy that no one can deny and which Israel is responsible as those who are adding fuel to the fire. However the tragedy of Gaza should not mask the daily difficulties of Israelis who live on the other side of the border. Note that I do not put an equal sign, it would serve no purpose. But nothing that is human is foreign to me.

Knowing that Israel denies entry to tourists from Gaza, Sderot is still the most convenient place to understand this part of the world. 

Again, I will not make a complete summary of my visit to the Israeli side of the border with Gaza. Because and  again I encourage pro-X and anti-Y activists to come and visit Sderot since you're unable to go to Gaza for now.

And the show must go own. Sderot receives a lot of support from the Israeli government and abroad. I have discovered a university town  - peaceful, with flowers and trees - even if tension exists and if the situation can change from one moment to another.

I have also found a delicious restaurant frequented by youth. A lot cheaper than in Jerusalem. No other possible words: I'm on the ass.

This fabulous hummus.

Falafel with herbs.

Arak with lemonade.

Traveling is made for changing ideas. And that's not easy.d

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