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This restaurant's house wine made from remains of the natural winemaker next door

The obvious things are often the more complicated to set up. See Exo Gonia village, one of the less touristic place in Santorini. All the island inhabitants talk about this restaurant Metaxy Mas ("between us") as their favourite. Really homemade generous food without a big bill. Of course we do not see the Caldera cliffs but the view is still very nice (east side of the island that descends gently toward the sea).

What about the wine ? White and rosé from BiB left in a freezer ? Not really.

No, something local, even extra-local. The winemaker Haridimos Hatzidakis (with some great no-SO2 cuvées) works in the next village, Pyrgos. So we have the chance to see his bottles on the menu - please note this is not the same everywhere in the island : an industrial wine ensures everyone much larger benefits.

But at the top of the menu, we see this house wine followed by the word "Hatzidakis". Trickery? False advertising? Come on, we have tried half a liter for 4 euros and 50 cents. At worst, we will leave the jug on the table.

You bet, we think now to drink one liter per head ... It's a dazzling wine in the mouth : pure pleasure, a bit of complexity still... We have now happy ideas. Moreover, we feel signature of the master. It is possible ? A good and cheap house wine ?

Obviously it's possible. Information taken from Kostas who works in the area: "It is a specific tank that we prepare for the taverna. It is not the same of our bottle Santorini PDO Santorini Wine. Usually we keep the lower quality wine and we make a tank for selling as house wine".

You know this : when the winemaker has an incredible talent, even the tanks remains are more than friendly. And finding them the table at that price, it's like a miracle.

It's obvious, it's simple, it's almost logical. In Italy, it often works that way too. And in France, how many restaurants work like Metaxy Mas ?

Metaxy Mas, below Exo Gonia church, Santorini, +30 2286 031323.

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