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A farmers family produces no-SO2 wines in Santorini island

We know the Haridimos Hatzidakis high-end wines - some of the greatest are made without any addition of SO2. Less celebrated is the Maria family which produces olives, oil, capers, tomatoes... and a few punk wines. Everything is presented under their brand Faros (since the store is on the main road leading to the Akrotiri lighthouse, on the southwestern tip of the beautiful island).

Some would say that these are "approximate" wines. The whites are almost become vinegars. I do not care, I like vinegar. The rosés are more common but less allegedly deviant. The vinsanto (a specialty) drinks itself friendly.

However, let's be honest. This friendly family are not talented winemakers. They know it, they don't want to compete with the big names. But absence of sulfur is not to blame. They just make a wine like this, approximate, but a family alternative to all standardized wines. And that's enough.

The vineyards are located next to the house behind the donkey.

Note also that which is proper to the vineyard of Santorini is this vine "trash". The sheets can protect the fruit from the hot sun.

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