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Cave Ox : back to basics (antipasti, pizza and natural wines)

The northern slope of Etna houses the most remarkable cave à manger of Sicily or maybe Italy. The simple things are always revealed most difficult. Antipasti, pizzas, tiramisu. Very classical, very greedy.

And regarding the wines, this is paradise. White wine from Vino Di Anna, came close. We were not able to meet Anna Martens, she was far away from its vineyards at the moment. But her 2014 White served in a Zalto glass made us feel great.

Like this frank rosé 2013 from the Azienda Agricola crushed. Difficult to found elsewhere. Like the rest of the cellar of Sandro Dibella, the boss fond of natural wines. Robinot, Riffault, all the best Italian wines, wines from Lebanon, Slovenia ... The world of unified natural wines makes Ox Cave an unavoidable step. Two nights around, two evenings at Sandro's.

Perfect perfect, well selected products, natural wines: obviously, the address made us think of our Parisian Coinstot Vino.

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