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Francesco Guccione blends its wines, as Sicily mixes people

Sicily is open on three seas, at the intersection of three roads : politics, war and trade. It has experienced invasions. Greeks, Carthaginians, Byzantines, Muslims, Normans, Angevins, Spanish and some Italian nonetheless. The food and architecture are witness to this mix.

I extrapolate when I say that Francesco Guccione puts this melting pot in his bottles. Of course he has red and white single-grape varieties. But... His trebbiano 2014 was flavored with a bit of malvasia. Actually you can touch Francesco's madness and talent in his blends... as if they were some unconscious tributes to the past of Sicily.

1213 does not mean a vintage from the Middle Ages medieval but a very simply blend of trebbiano. The idea is to find a balance between 2012 (warm year) and 2013 (colder year). Not stupid. We are even more convinced after tasting. Francesco makes wonderful whites. And I've been told this by all the Sicilian winemakers I met... Jealousy ?

Machado is a blend between red and white... Half/half.... In a 500-liter barrel, Francesco puts red grapes (Nerello mascalese and Perricone)  before adding the trebbiano squeezed juices. After a short maceration he presses it again. Is it pink or red ? Or red-pink ? But very fruity with an extreme "torchabilité". Like a tavel by Eric Pfifferling.

Moreover, Francesco leaves the white grape skins with the juice of catarratto for macerating during 15 days in 2012. We tasted this wine from a bottle open for 4 months. No heaviness and even a beautiful aromatic taste.

These original wines do not let themselves find easily, it must be said that they are rare. And add that drinkers do not always have the curiosity needed. Francesco sells the most in Japan. "The Japanese are not only interested in the act of drinking, but also in meeting and understanding the winemaker. Usually when you talk about Sicily you talk about nero d'avola. And the Japanese are very happy to taste when I show them something else."

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