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Joseph et Lucien (and especially Matias !)

oseph and Lucien make mistakes when they write their wine list and as I am nice guy, I did not take picture. But I pointed it out. Philippe Delmée is now Pierre Delmé... He lost his final "e", but Alice and Olivier de Moore had one. It was a little bit weird wine list where you find "red wines", "rosé wines" but no white wines. And you can find Chablis...

If you don't like natural wines, no problem. But if it's on you wine list you have to know a bit about it and show a little to respect to the working-hard winemakers. Thank you.

Well, stop now. Because if we come to Joseph and Lucien it is especially for chef Matias Veleizan. Argentinian, self-made-chef, former tango teacher. A gem.

Today, a salad of spider crab.

A piece of veal.

A chocolate ganache with a wonderful nougatine made of Japanese sesame.

All comes with a remarkable chablis L' Humeur du Temps 2014 (so, a white wine) by Alice and Olivier de Moor (without final "e").

We knew Matias for years when he cooked at le marché des Enfants Rouges... alive crawfishes and heart of veal ! At Joseph and Lucien, meals are great, because of the chosen products and a good cooking. But those who met Matias know he has a big talent and daring and we can imagine that one day he will express itself a 100%.

Joseph et Lucien, 43 rue des Petits Carreaux, 75 002 Paris, 01 44 82 55 53.

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