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Exactly one year ago we had walks on the roads of Magne.It was the season of poppies and poppies on the photo are missing.

Here we are, it's ok now.

We are south of Kalamata in the extreme south of the Peloponnese region in Greece. Here is a mix between Corsica (for the landscapes), Aveyron (for the food) and Lorraine (for people).

Here we met Perry and its brilliant bar Kantina and the fantastic restaurant Elis in Kardamili. And others. And all fought against the Greek crisis. All these names had been whispered to me by Alexandre Rallis, the founder of Profil Grec. Since a few years, he supplies the best restaurants and groceries in Paris with Kalamata olives, oil, lemons... Everything is produced here in these extraordinary landscapes, at the foot of the mount Taygète, not far from the classic city of Sparta.

But the problem is that I did not live anymore in Greece. Then how can I do ? Go to Ménilmontant area in Paris.

In a quiet street, for almost one month, Alexandre opened a shop where professionals and individuals can come to meet him and taste and buy all the good things from Kalamata.

Profil Grec olive oil.

Thyme honey from Taygete mount.

Kalamata olives paste.

Obviously, the olives of Kalamata, which change the life of those who thought of not liking olives.

Back at home I have to keep these lemons. For my fishes, my salads, as a everyday luxury condiment. In brief, lemons in salt. We cut citrus fruits in pieces.Some oil, some salt, in oil. Then in the fridge. See you in 3 weeks. 

Ah yes, the salt. Comes from Profil Grec too. This brand Trikalinos produces a exceptionnal bottarga (same thing, you have never eaten bottarga before). Story to follow. 
Profil Grec, 5-7 rue de Savies, 75 020 Paris, 09 72 86 07 22.

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