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Ketchup for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict


Let me introduce Qalqilya. This West Bank city is 20 km away from Tel Aviv. In the pix, you can see TA buildings. We also see a line of concrete.

Because Qalqilya is surrounded on all sides by the famous wall between Israel and the West Bank. We know some better situations. Once again, no details here, you have to check by yourself.

But I would encourage pro-X and anti-Y activists to go there to see the reality between Kafka and intolerable daily things for people. We can argue all you want, nothing beats a visit in the area.

Even here, hope can born. My guide work for the Palestinian ministry of education, a good job, no doubt. He recently campaigned for the construction of a plant that would produce ketchup. This is brilliant : local tomatoes are absolutely terrible and all of Palestine is addicted to ketchup. Rather than bring it from Israel or abroad, consume locally! This guy, he does not have oil, nor the opportunity to go to Israel, but he has ideas. I hope he will submit his idea to the European Union or I-don't-know-who very quickly. You will agree, giving work to the poor promotes the future of all. Unless we continually look for a conflict (you know what I mean).

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